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Slip and Trip Accidents

At AA Law Solicitors, we have extensive experience in dealing successfully with Slip and Trip Accidents which affect thousands of adults and children, each year.

These types of claims can take place in a street, a supermarket or a public place. As a result, our clients have received thousands of pounds of compensation in respect of their Personal Injury Claims.

We believe that all of our clients should receive their Slip and Trip compensation that they deserve. We therefore act for our clients on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis.

Once an accident has taken place, individuals have up to 3 years to bring a claim against the Defendant. After 3 years, the claim is statute barred and the individual is unable to bring a claim for that accident. It is therefore imperative that after an accident takes place, individuals contact a Slip and Trip Compensation Solicitor to discuss on the subject of making a claim as soon as possible.

We offer a completely free telephone consultation with no obligation to discuss whether you do have a Slip and Trip Claim.

Work - Related Injuries

We have an experienced team of Solicitors waiting to help you if you have suffered an Accident at Work.

We can help you make a claim if you have, for example:

  • Had a fall at work or something has fallen on you

  • Injured yourself lifting a heavy item

  • Been injured by work machinery

  • Suffered an injury due to a lack of safety equipment or clothing

  • Contracted dermatitis or asthma from exposure to chemicals at work

  • Suffered hearing loss due to a noisy workplace

  • Developed problems with your hands or arms from using vibrating machinery

  • Been exposed to asbestos

Your employer has a duty to ensure you work in a safe environment and provides you with suitable training. Unfortunately, many employers do not comply with the rule and regulations and as a consequence injuries have occurred.

AA Law Solicitors can assist you to claim for the injury that you have suffered as well as any loss of earnings and other financial losses. The firm has vast experience in dealing with claims of a severe nature but appreciate that even a minor injury can cause you a great deal of discomfort and loss.

Let us help you by calling 0845 644 0786 today, we guarantee you will get only the best legal advice for your compensation claim. So make that vital first step towards claiming the compensation you deserve.

Motor Accidents

Personal Injury Compensation Claims are subject to strict time limits by the courts and therefore it is important that you contact us immediately to assess whether you have a valid claim.

We are experienced in dealing with all types of Road Traffic Accident claims involving a diverse range of injuries including whiplash, sprains and bruising. Furthermore we also deal with more serious injuries such as spinal injuries and even the more serious cases resulting in a fatality.

However serious the injuries are, we deal with claims quickly and effectively to ensure that you get your compensation as soon as possible.

In Addition to claiming compensation for any injuries that you have sustained, we also seek to recover any financial losses that you have incurred as a result of the accident. We represent clients all over the UK and our Expert Solicitors can assist in accidents involving:

  • Car Accidents

  • Motorcycles

  • Bicycles

  • Whiplash Claims

  • Passenger Claims (Bus/Train Etc Claims)

  • Pedestrian Claims

  • Hit and Run Claims

Civil Litigation

Our litigation team is led by Mr Shabaz Ahmed, our team has extensive experience in  dealing with a wide range of contentious civil matters, Whatever problem you are facing, our team will be ready to help you.


We understand that civil disputes can arise which are both stressful and time-consuming. Our team will provide you with a clear and pragmatic advice from start to finish. We understand how such matters can impact upon your life. We also understand that, for many, litigation can seem complicated and full of legal jargon. This is why we aim to make the process as simple and as stress-free as possible.


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